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Best Survival Gear for 2023

Are you looking for the survival gear that will actually save your life? Every single Endure Survival Kits is backed by years of in-field testing, user-research and survival instruction ... however the first hurdle you must get over is admitting that you DO need a survival kit. 99% of people who recreate in the outdoors WILL NOT admit that they may need a survival kit. Once you are able to realize the importance of protecting yourself, you will be able to arm yourself with the skills, knowledge, and equipment you will need in case of a wilderness emergency.  

*Please be aware of mainstream outdoor media and the portrayal of survival which is often bushcraft (primitive survival) and or tactical (military). These genres of survival may be interesting however, they are not practical for the modern-day outdoors person.  

The Best Survival Gear

Endure Survival Kits was built off of the fact that out-dated emergency survival gear information is often presented in modern-day outdoor literature and the realization that this becoming a bigger and bigger problem as inexperienced "survivalists" are writing about and instructing concepts that are simply out-dated. These once state-of-the-art, survival techniques are no longer applicable yet some of this information is often presented as viable survival techniques today.

The Four Pillars of Survival

To understand the best gear, we must first look at what is 100% absolutely necessary to understand about real world practical, smart survival for everyday users like you and me. What are we referring to here? Shelter, Fire, Signal, Water. These four pillars of survival cover the basic human needs you will rely on when an emergency hits. You must be able to quickly shelter yourself. 

Protect yourself by educating yourself. A look at The 5 Essential Survival Skills that will save your life and what specific techniques are to be trusted and which ones are of the past is a great place to start. Get outside. Practice the techniques you learn. 


Will you be able to shelter yourself quickly if you find yourself stranded and forced to spend the night out?


Will you be able to start a fire in harsh conditions?


Will you be able to procure water if you run out?


Will you be able to reach out and touch rescuers looking for you?

Do you have the mental capacity to endure a wilderness emergency? If you found yourself lost and forced to stay outside would you be able to shelter yourself quickly?



  1. Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

  2. 18" Half Dandy Saw

  3. Goatskin Gloves

  4. Ripstop Nylon Royal Blue Tarp


1. Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

Best Survival Gear

The Basic Wilderness Survival Kit covers all four of the survival pillars and now comes with the metal match kit. Customers who purchase kits not only save 30% buying all the products together the kits also come pre-packed into our topo design accessory bags modified for survival so you can throw the kit in your pack or car ready for the field. 


2. 18" Half Dandy Saw

This super durable saws could be one of the handiest tools in your pack. This lightweight saw never needs to be sharpened and lasts a lifetime. We've had this saw in our pack for over 40 years, no joke. 



3. Goatskin Gloves

If you can't protect your hands you can't survive. Endure Goatskin gloves protect the number one tool for your survival. Your hands! Why goatskin? Not only is goatskin more supple than most leathers it also DOES NOT stiffen when wet then dried like cow leather does. 


4. Ripstop Nylon Royal Blue Tarp

This ripstop nylon tarp provides a quick and easy way to set up a shelter that can also act as a visual signal to signal rescuers. Setting it up as shown above with a fire just on the outside reflects the heat from the fire off of the tarp. This is not surviving, it is basically luxury in the outdoors!


How did it all start?

The seed of Endure Survival Kits was planted when founder Nick Clement was working for Colorado and Park's and Wildlife and produced a film about outdoor survival. The film offered an in-depth yet simple look at practical survival and Peter Kummerfeldt's survival kit business, Outdoor Safe, who focusses on educating and selling kits to search and rescue and other outdoor business industries, helped Endure Survival Kits bring the same industry leading knowledge and products to the mainstream.

Don't be fooled by the many "survival" gimmicks out there

The film broke down survival essentials and provided no-nonsense practical advice. For Nick, this proved to be information he had been seeking out for years. Nick was always intrigued by “outdoor survival” and always made sure he had what he thought was the essential gear in his pack when he ventured into the backcountry hunting and fishing. At the time, while exploring these wilderness areas Nick thought he had the confidence to withstand a wilderness survival situation. He had a “survival kit” stocked with an “emergency blanket,” strike “anywhere” matches, “paracord" and some iodine tablets. This was enough to make Nick feel at ease when heading deep into the backcountry … until he  produced the outdoor survival film.