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18” Half Dandy Saw

18” Half Dandy Saw





For serious backcountry hunters, fishers and mountaineers this survival hand saw is as simple, durable and reliable as you can get. This is the best backpacking saw and survival saw you can buy. It is also a lightweight solution for the best hunting saw and best bone saw for elk.  When combined with Endure Goatskin Gloves the 18" Half Dandy Saw makes cutting wood and big game bones a breeze. Sawing through thick bones while field dressing an animal and large logs can be a difficult task in the backcountry. Weighing in at 2 lbs (including  sheath) the 18" Half Dandy Saw is worth every ounce with the time you will save cutting wood, trees, branches and bone with ease. This is the simplest survival hand saw. 
    • Saw length: 21"
    • Blade: 18" x 2" high-grade Swedish saw steel
    • Handle: 5" x 5" x 7/8" single handle, reinforced Baltic birch
    • Scabbard: Water repellent, polypropylene, belt loop for easy packing
    • Great for clearing just about any obstacle in your path
    • Perfect size for quartering large and small game
    • Maintenance: Keep oiled, 10º bevel
    • Lifetime warranty
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