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Are you looking for dependable survival gear?

Every single item in an Endure survival kit is carefully chosen and back by years of in-field testing, user-research and survival instruction. Endure Survival Kits is your go-to survival gear store for top-rated survival gear and equipment that will actually help save your life. *Please be aware of mainstream outdoor media and the portrayal of survival which is often bushcraft (primitive survival) and or tactical (military). These genres of survival may be interesting however, they are not practical for the modern-day outdoors person. 

The only survival kit you'll ever need.

Endure Survival Kits was built off of the fact that adequated emergency survival gear information is often presented in modern-day outdoor literature and the realization that this becoming a bigger and bigger problem as inexperienced "survivalists" are writing about and instructing concepts that are simply out-dated. These once state-of-the-art, survival techniques are no longer applicable yet some of this information is often presented as viable survival techniques today.

Is "primitive" applicable today?

What are we referring to here? Rubbing sticks together to make fire, building elaborate survival shelters out of all natural materials and even less-primitive techniques such as using a mylar "emergency blanket," using strike-anywhere matches and cigarette lighters. It is not uncommon to find these lighters in a survival kit. The list goes on and on. 

So what should we do about it?

Protect yourself by educating yourself. A look at what techniques are to be trusted and which ones are of the past is a great place to start. Get outside. Practice the techniques you learn. Will you be able to start a fire in harsh conditions? Do you have the mental capacity to endure a wilderness emergency? If you found yourself lost and forced to stay outside would you be able to quickly shelter yourself. Endure Survival was created so you can answer these questions easily.

How did it all start?

The seed of Endure Survival Kits was planted when founder Nick Clement decided he was going to give his groomsmen wilderness survival kits. Nick scoured outdoor literature searching for the right gear to purchase. Nick ended up giving each of his groomsmen a "survival kit" that, later to find out, was inferior gear. Working for Colorado and Park's and Wildlife at the time, Nick produced a film about outdoor survival. The film offered an in-depth yet simple look at practical survival and made Nick realize how far-off some of his chosen survival items for his groomsmen's kits were.


Don't be fooled by the many "survival" gimmicks out there.

The film broke down survival essentials and provided no-nonsense practical advice. For Nick, this proved to be information he had been seeking out for years. Nick was always intrigued by “outdoor survival” and always made sure he had what he thought was the essential gear in his pack when he ventured into the backcountry hunting and fishing. At the time, while exploring these wilderness areas Nick thought he had the confidence to withstand a wilderness survival situation. He had a “survival kit” stocked with an “emergency blanket,” strike “anywhere” matches, “paracord" and some iodine tablets. This was enough to make Nick feel at ease when heading deep into the backcountry … until he met produced the outdoor survival film. 

Survival for the everyday user is practical, not primitive or tactical.

Little did Nick know that the silver “emergency blankets” you see in just about every survival kit on the market aren’t worth the few dollars you spend on them, “strike anywhere” really means “strike nowhere,” cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly can save hours trying to light a fire in harsh conditions and “paracord” isn’t even close to what real military spec parachute cord really is. Fast forward 5 years and Nick started Endure Survival Kits. 
Endure Survival Kits | Wilderness Survival Gear Store Camping Gear
Survival Gear, Survival Kit, Camping Gear - Endure Survival

We strive for our customers to have the right gear and confidence required to ENDURE a wilderness emergency.

A dependable wilderness survival kit must include these four categories:



  • Common Misconceptions: It is common to find survival tips that recommend these elaborate shelters but the truth of the matter is that more often than not a survival situation arises with great urgency, a fall taken into a snow-fed river, or an extreme change in weather. These events will force you to shelter yourself immediately. There will not be much time to build something from natural, found materials while finding a natural shelter like a cave, outcropping or crevase should never be relied upon. 
  • Popular Products: In just about every survival kit sold on the market you will find the mylar "emergency" blankets. These blankets tear easily, they are cumbersome to use and force you to use your hands. They are not worth the few dollars spent on them.
  • What to Consider: When shopping for a survival shelter bear in mind how well the product will protect you vs how fast it will take to set up. The Endure Instant Shelter allows you to protect yourself in the most efficient and effective fashion immediately.


  • Common Misconceptions: It is common to find survival tips that recommend fire building techniques that were used in primitive times. Rubbing sticks together, flint and steel, or even the modern day recommendation of using a cigarette lighter as your survival fire start is complete nonsense. The primitive techniques are very difficult to master, let alone if the conditions are harsh these techniques simply aren't practical. Bic lighters break easily, freeze, the fuel runs out and what happens if you lose use of the dexterity in your fingers?
  • Popular Products: You will commonly find fire starters that are simply a flint striker or survival lighters that require way too many moving parts. While these products may work under light conditions such as car camping or in your fireplace at home it is a good idea to test these products in harsh conditions with wet wood or heavy winds.
  • What to Consider: When shopping for a survival fire starter it is important to consider the three elements required to start a fire: oxygen, heat, and fuel. The single best fuel to be used for a survival fire is cotton balls soaked in Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly. The single most efficient and effective (and lightest weighing) survival fire starter is a ferrocerium rod with a wood handle and steel striker. The Endure Metal Match Kit comes complete with a lightweight metal match (ferrocerium rod with wood handle), cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly packed into a waterproof case and a piece of tinfoil to assist in catching the jelly as it burns it will liquify and we want it to stay within the fire to maximize the burn time. Clear instructions on how to start a survival fire are also included in the Endure Metal Match Kit.


  • Common Misconceptions: Electronic devices are often considered to be a reliable source for a signal in case of emergency. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR PHONE AS YOUR EMERGENCY DEVICE, and do not use your phone as an excuse to leave your survival gear at home. Phones and any electronic devices can fail easily. 
  • Popular Products: You will commonly find signaling devices in survival kits that are simply inferior to very similar products. You will commonly find single chamber "referee style whistles" in survival kits while for a similar price a Whistle For Life is a far superior noise producing device. It's also common to find signal mirrors made of plastic and metal while these don't have nearly the brilliance of a good glass mirror which we have tested and seen the reflection of the sun off this mirror at 26 miles away. The little things really count when choosing a signaling device.
  • What to Consider: The single most important action you can take in ensuring you are rescued is to leave a trip plan with two people. Mark your departure point and specific plan with locations. Two people are better than one just in case one forgets, is sick or loses your trip plan. When authorities are called and search and rescue teams are deployed this trip plan will play a vital role in your rescue. Without it the search and rescue process becomes vastly more complicated. 


  • Common Misconceptions: It's a common assumption that food is just as important as staying hydrated. One can survive for weeks without food but without water, the time is much shorter until your body becomes dehydrated, depleted, and ultimately your body shuts down leading to death.
  • Popular Products: You will commonly find many different filters, rods and other water purifiers. Typically these are trustworthy products for everyday use camping, hiking, etc. However, for a survival situation you will need a lightweight solution, so you can always have it on you no matter what the circumstance or occasion. 
  • What to Consider: For a survival hydration solution, you will need to find something that is super lightweight and 100% reliable. Katadyn MP1 tablets are the only EPA approved water purification tablets available and when combined with a collapsible water bottle you will have a super-lightweight, trustworthy solution. 


Endure Survival eliminates the painful task of choosing which products to include in your survival kit.

We have carefully tested and selected the best performing products and provide an easy and fun way to learn proven survival techniques. We have spent years testing these products in the field to ensure our products will provide the best possible solution to protect you in case an unforeseen situation arises. 

Endure Survival's goal is to ensure every customer is equipped with the right skills to accompany their kit.

We are excited to offer a subscription to Endure Survival School. Learn trusted survival techniques from lifetime experts, hear real-life survival stories and gain insights into tips tactics and ideas that can help save your life.

Survival Gear, Survival Kit, Camping Gear - Endure Survival

Endure Survival Kit's mission is to perpetuate proper wilderness safety.

We do this by providing no-nonsense practical outdoor survival techniques and the proper gear to enable those skills needed to be prepared for an unexpected life-threatening incident. 

We strive to enable our customers to have the confidence to ENDURE a wilderness emergency.

We are proud partners with Outdoor Safe and Emergency Response International.
Outdoor Survival Gear that will actually save your life
All information, products, and education materials Endure Survival Kits produces are credit to survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt, Outdoor Safe, and Emergency Response International. 
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