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Endure Instant Shelter

Endure Instant Shelter




If you are looking for survival tents and shelters this shetler for survival is the best outdoor survival shelter you can buy for less than $10. Don't be duped into believing you will have time for building shelter when you find yourself in a survival situation. This heavy (4mm thick) royal blue bag provides excellent protection against harsh conditions that may lead to hypothermia. The Endure instant shelter will provide the protection you need in case you find yourself in an unexpected change in the weather. This instant solo shelter also acts as a signal. Royal blue is more likely to be seen from far distances teams (safety orange can easily blend into brown and yellow foliage which particularly an issue in the fall) The Endure Instant backcountry shelter weighs approximately 9 oz. 

  • Heavy duty 4mm thick polyurethane plastic
  • 65" x 38"
  • Includes instructions and proven tip sheet
  • By cutting a hole condensation will stay on outside of bag
  • Waterproof with glossy finish to wick water away
  • Lightweight (9 oz)