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Endure Goatskin Survival Gloves

Endure Goatskin Survival Gloves




Survival importance: 9.9 out of 10

It is wise to always have a pair of water-resistant work gloves in your survival gear with you while venturing out into wild spaces. If you find yourself lost and forced into a survival situation your hands will get beat up fairly quickly without proper protection by protective gloves. Endure Survival Goatskin Gloves are made of purely closed-cell leather goatskin resulting in a smooth, soft feel that resists water and will not shrink after the glove is wet and then dries (like cowskin leather gloves do) Out of all the water-resistant work gloves on the market these are among the most moderately priced goatskin gloves available. Your hands are not as durable as you may think. Protect them from nicks, cuts, burns, and bruises with water-resistant work gloves. Features include:

  • Padded reinforced palms to ensure longevity
  • Double stitching for increased durability
  • Elastic wrist gives ensure gloves stay
  • Keystone thumb design for maximum comfort and improved dexterity

Sizes available: Medium, Large and Extra-Large