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Survival Kit Essentials

Posted by Nick Clement on

Survival Kit Essentials

What should you put in your survival kit?

Ever wondered what exactly you should have in your survival kit? We are talking about smart Survival or real-world, practical outdoor survival (not bushcraft (primitive) or tactical (military) like we commonly see portrayed in media).

Outdoor Survival shelter | Fire starter kit | Survival kit

These essential items will help change a life-threatening situation into simply an inconvienence. The four most important survival categories are shelter, fire, signal and hydration. For each of these categories you may want to consider the following:

Shelter: 4mm polyurethane large royal blue bag. Also known as a Endure Instant Shelter. This bag traps your body heat around you so no matter how cold it is you will be able to fully utilize your body head and keep the wind and water off of you. Remember dead air means warmth. This bag will keep you dry, warm and the bright royal blue also acts as a signal. 

Fire: A quality, lightweight ferrocieum rod with a wood handle combined with cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly in a waterproof case is the single best tool to use to start a fire. The Endure Metal Match Kit also includes a piece of tinfoil and an instruction sheet on the single more effective way to start a survival fire using the Endure Survival Fire building technique. 

Signal: Three essential items to keep in your signal kit are a whistle for life high powered whistle, a purposed signaling mirror and orange trail tape. 

Hydration: The easy way to procure clean drinkable water in an emergency situation where a water source is available is the MP1 chlorine dioxide tabs combined with a collasible water bottle. 

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