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Hypothemia - Evidence You Need a Survival Kit

Posted by Nick Clement on

Hypothermia - Evidence You Need a Survival Kit 

Frozen Alive

What exactly happens to your body if you are caught outside in below freezing temperatures without a survival kit?

Safety First

At Endure Survival, we base everything we do (and sell) on over 50 years of survival instruction, in-field research and testing and improvement, and development of survival techniques and gear resulting in the most trusted gear and knowledge for practical real-world survival.

Common Misconceptions

One of the challenges that comes along with getting the point across to people that they may be the one who will be in a survival situation is people simply will not admit it could happen to them. Imagine the possibilities ... For those who live in the mountains or in colder climates and consistently rely on their vehicles. Anyone who travels in their car in the mountains must ask themselves the question. What happens when that car breaks down in the middle of no man’s land? You are stuck outside with no cell service and the vehicle’s windows are broken out so you cannot rely on your car for shelter. You have a bic lighter that won’t light, a pair of jeans and clothing not suitable for effectively sheltering yourself. You are forced to trek (1st rule of car survival is do not leave your vehicle. The vehicle itself acts as a signal and even if the windows are broken out the roof over your head can protect you some - but never rely on it - always carry a survival kit in your car if you travel in remote mountain our areas.) So, you are stuck in sub zero temperatures, outside with little protection. What exactly happens to your body in this situation?

Science of Survival

The podcast Science of Survival has a very interesting episode on what exactly happens to your body in this situation. We highly advise you listen to it (especially if you are one of the many who will not admit they may be in a survival situation) as this podcast accurately represents exactly what could happen to you. 

Hypothermia is one of the top causes of death from survival situations. The most important (and easiest) way to protect yourself is by always carrying a survival kit. Whether you keep it in your car or in your pack while recreating in the outdoors it is a must-have item on any backcountry trip. You will much rather not need it and have it on you as opposed to finding yourself in a life-threatening incident and not having a the equipment you need to save your life. 

There are many interesting things that happen to your body, especially things like “The Hunters Response” and other human adaptations of the human body to help withstand cold. The “athletes tendency to sweat,” is mentioned many times in the podcast. This is perfect validation to never wear cotton. Cotton kills. Cotton will not dry nearly as fast as synthetic fabric. A great rule of thumb to remember is that dead air equals warmth. It’s best to have something to protect you trapping your body heat around you. The ideal solution for this is a 4mm thick polyurethane bag also known as an Instant Shelter. 


 The Endure Instant Shelter is the easiest way to protect yourself in an unforeseen situation. 

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