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Whistle For Life

Whistle For Life




Survival importance: 9.9 out of 10


This Tri-Power Whistle is an essential piece of safety equipment to have on you during outdoor activities. If you find yourself injured, lost or stranded, sound is the #1 factor in finding lost victims. Screaming and shouting can leave you exhausted in a matter of minutes. If you can breathe, you can blow this whistle and can be found by rescue personnel.

  • ABS plastic will stick to lips and mouth in cold weather with hands-Free Mouth Grip.
  • Universal locking safety clip and waffled texture for easy grip.
  • 1 main chamber with a waterproof pea, creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles 2 secondary chambers create seperate omnidirectional high pitched sounds.
  • Loud 120 Decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.
  • Weight: 3.2 oz

Made in USA