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Endure Survival Performance Orange Hoodie

Endure Survival Performance Orange Hoodie




Survival importance: 9.6 out of 10

Your clothing is your first shelter. If you are looking for a 100% synthetic mid-layer shirt with a hood this shirt is ideal for backcountry trips and as an added bonus the hunter's orange or also referred to as safety orange acts as a signal in case you need to be found by search in rescue or be legal during rifle hunting seasons with over 500 square inches (required Hunter's orange for Colorado - including solid daylight fluorescent orange 360 degrees around your head). For orange hunting clothing or for a technical mid-layer this shirt acts as one of the most important pillars of outdoor survival: Shelter. Remember, cotton kills. Cotton clothing can be extremely difficult to dry. Synthetic is always a must when choosing outdoor clothing.   

If you are looking for hunting gear for men the Endure Survival Performance hoodie, is basically like a top performance brand dri-fit shirt, don't let something so simple like your clothing kill you! Hunting gear for men, orange hoodie, blaze orange hunting shirt, orange hunting clothing