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Endure Instant Shelter | Wilderness Survival Shelter 

The Endure Instant Shelter is the absolute best way to maintain your body heat in an emergency when used correctly as a wilderness survival shelter. The Endure Instant Shelter is basically like a survival shelter with a fire inside if you have a fire or not. If you do have a fire the heat can come right up the bottom. This is really the top of the bag but we recommend wearing the bag upside down and cutting a hole for your face so your breath condensates on the outside of the shelter. 


Endure Instant Shelter | Wilderness Survival Shelter

When combining the body heat the Endure Instant Shelter provides with the simplicity of creating a micro climate inside with absolutely no condensation (assuming you are using the bag right and have a hole cut for your face to breath outside. If you are really cold you can curl up into a ball and close up the shelter to be snug around you and cozy. 

"It's better to have it with you and not need it rather than not have it at all"



Before we started Endure Survival Kits I wrote The this article for Colorado Outdoors online magazine for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. We soon realized there wasn't a great way to purchase ALL of the right gear in one, already put together, survival kit. The Endure Instant Shelter is the stable of the Endure Basic Survival Kit. It allows your body heat to maintain itself while you can use the STOP acronym and Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan. If your body heat is maintained throughout the cold hours of the night then you are able to properly execute the STOP protocol as you will be able to think clearly and therefore come up with a plan you can execute! 


Endure Instant Shelter Infographic

We, at Endure Survival Kits, are extremely lucky to have worked with survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt. Peter has been a survival expert his entire life and knows the ins-and-outs of outdoor survival. The main concern Peter always mentions is the mis-representation of what survival REALLY is in mainstream media. So all the overly dramatized shows only showing primitive survival (bushcraft) and tactical survival (military) don't really represent what may happen to most people who recreate in the outdoors. The most common way people find themselves in a survival situation is when they go on what they plan to only be a day hike then get forced to stay a night out in the woods. This night will be pretty damn comfortable night with the Endure Basic Survival Kit. 




If that is you out in the middle of the night you will be glad you have a shelter to keep you warm next to a fire with full bottle of water and plenty of ways to signal crews coming to rescue you. This is why we created Endure Survival Kits, because before know a comprehensive kit like this where every piece of equipment is vetted by over 60 years of survival expertise has yet to become available. Until now. 

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