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Best Survival Hand Saw, Best Backpacking Saw, Best Hunting Saw

Have you ever wondered what is the best cutting tool to carry with you in your backcountry, trekking or hunting pack?

The best backpacking saw, best hunting saw, best bone saw for elk and best survival hand saw is the 18" Half Dandy Saw which will last a lifetime with no maintenance.

One thing to consider first is what's most important if you find yourself in a survival situation deep in the woods or off the grid. Shelter, fire, signal, and hydration are most vital to your survival. Dry wood cut into foot long pieces are ideal for a successful fire. The easiest way to find dry wood is dead tree branches still attached to the tree. These dry branches are the best fuel for your survival fire. The question now is. How do I cut them off the tree if they are too big to break with my hands? (It is not advised to gather wood by breaking it with your hands as you will be putting your safety at risk). If safety is a priority for you always choose a saw over an ax. 

By using an axe as your primary cutting tool in the backcountry you are putting yourself at risk. A durable, reliable fixed blade saw like the "18 Half Dandy Saw will allow you to build fires efficiently, cut bone, or saw snow blocks for a snow shelter. 
Ron Grachen came up with the Dandy saw years back when he decided he was tired of searching for a saw that was capable of his demanding outdoor activities. He was tired of seeing saws that simply didn't work such as folding saws and other inferior camping saws and even products labeled a bushcraft saw. Ron was a very experienced outdoorsman and spent years of testing before he developed a saw that was met his rugged outdoors needs. Ron Grachen was committed to developing a saw that would last a lifetime. It wasn't until after years of testing, designing, iterating and most importantly in-field use of the prototypes he developed when Ron Grachen
finally developed the Dandy Saw. Hence why Ron's name is etched into the Dandy Saw as a symbol of the extraordinary quality and durability. With two United States patents to protect his one of a kind blade design, Ron was satisfied with the quality, durability, reliability, and usability of this product and therefore the 18" Half Dandy saw comes complete with a lifetime warranty.


The ability to produce a lot of firewood quickly makes carrying a good quality saw a priority. Select a saw that is multi-purpose so you can conduct many different required utilities in the backcountry. Some of these include the ability to cut wood, snow, and bone. The 18" Half Dandy saw is sure to execute all of these cutting requirements. The saw is made of high-grade Swedish saw steel. The key is that this saw is long enough to fully utilize your full arm motion. It is sharpened on both ends so you maximize your complete arm movement so it will actually cut during the movement you make back towards your body as well as the movement away.


You can run yourself exhausted with those small fold out "survival" or bone saws. These small saws are not sufficient in a survival situation. The short arm motion you are forced to make with these small fold out saws is a waste of your valuable energy. In a survival situation, you will want to save every last drop of energy and a quality survival hand saw will help you maximize that hard-earned calorie burn.  



At two pounds (including sheath) this saw will be sure to last your lifetime. At that time it will be an incredible heirloom for your children to use for their lifetime as well. This survival hand saw is the best backpacking saw, best hunting saw and by far the best bone saw for elk, deer, moose, bear, caribou, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Pronghorn and even small game as well. The saw requires no assembly allowing you to quickly access the best cutting tool for the outdoors. The 18" Half Dandy Saw is great for clearing just about any obstacle in your path. For survival situations, this survival saw is the most reliable saw on the market. It has no moving parts to reduce the risk of equipment failure. The single hand handle is made of reinforced Baltic birch and requires no assembly. The only maintenance required is to keep it oiled and sharpen the saw teeth with 10-degree bevel every so often. The saw comes in a polypropylene water repellent scabbard that includes a belt loop for easy packing. 


18" Half Dandy Saw - The best backcountry saw on the market
The Dandy Saw has a patented blade designed for qualified outfitters, hikers, backpackers, campers, trekkers, mountaineers and even industry forestry workers. The Dandy Saw is super compact, versatile, lightweight and preferred by hunters and big game guides. The ease of quartering your wild game is unmatched. The saw can clear trails, cut wood for fire, saw bone, cut through snow and field dressing wild game. The blade is designed for a lifetime of use using super-strong Swedish saw steel that was uniquely designed for the logging industry.
This saw is the simplest yet most advanced saws on the market for anything pertaining to the outdoors. The handle which is made of layered Baltic birch seems like a piece of art. The lifetime warranty that comes with the product guarantees that the saw will be replaced if it breaks. The handle is designed perfectly to fit the curves of your hands when using the saw while the wood helps prevent the uncomfortable development of blisters when used for long periods of time. This Baltic Birch has superior durability and looks pretty awesome too. The wood stain that the handle is finished with adds protection from the elements so the saw will not corrode over time.
For serious backcountry hunters, fishers and mountaineers this saw is as simple, durable and reliable as you can get. When combined with Endure Goatskin Gloves the 18" Half Dandy Saw makes cutting wood and big game bones a breeze. Sawing through thick bones while field dressing an animal and large logs can be a difficult task in the backcountry. Weighing in at 2 lbs (including sheath) the 18" Half Dandy Saw is worth every ounce with the time you will save cutting wood, trees, branches and bone with ease. This is the simplest survival hand saw available.
Robertson Enterprises manufactures the Dandy Saw in Cody, Wyoming. The saws are made in The United States of America while it ships at about 3 pounds. The saw has an  18" x 2", High Swedish Saw Steel blade a  5" x 5" x 7/8", Single Handle, Reinforced Baltic Birch, Brown and Clear Finish handle with a total saw the length of 21 inches. The best part about this saw is that it comes complete with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.