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Survival Kits

Made to Help You Make It

99% of people venture into the wild without adequate gear to protect themselves such as a survival kit. Unfortunately, the moment these people realize they are unprepared is most often too late. At Endure Survival Kits, we have made it our mission to bring smart and practical survival information easily accessible. All of our gear is field-tested over decades of in-field survival research to ensure that we are providing only the tools you truly need. When it comes down to it. Your safety is not just an investment you can use for years to come but rather, it is the investment you can make now that can ensure you DO have those years ahead of you by making sure you are 100% prepared of an unforeseen situation. 

When it comes down to it, we love being outside more than anything. There is something special about constant outdoor exposure as it gives us that special feeling of being immersed in straight-up wilderness. You know the feeling ... When all you want to do is say "I never want to leave" ... or I'm definitely coming back tomorrow. This deep yearn for getting outdoors has led us into some hairy situations. Some things you just can't prevent from happening. Like a rock fall, earthquake or something random like an animal attack, tree-falling or another random accident. Somethings you can prevent easily. Like getting lost and being forced to stay the night out. With proper equipment, this situation is simply an inconvenience rather than a life-threatening situation.  

Here is our collection of Endure Survival Kits. Each kit contains top-rated survival items that are proven to help save your life.