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Why Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue Incident May Have Been Avoidable

Posted by Nick Clement on

Why Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue Incident May Have Been Avoidable

Currently, there is a man missing in Rocky Mountain National Park. According to the Denver Post, Brian Perri had intended to simply go on a one-day hike day hike and was not planning to stay overnight. He was expected to be back that same day after finishing a 14-mile round-trip trek.

The resources used to find Brian include 54 people involved in the search effort, which includes 47 searches and rescue crew in the field actively searching for Brian. These crews have been working since June 30th, 2018. The Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue team is leading the search with the help of Larimer County Search and Rescue, which includes a dog team, and Rocky Mountain Rescue. 

No one is sure if Brian had any safety or survival equipment with him, however, information regarding the fact that Brian was not carrying a known shelter, tent or any camping equipment. In fact, it was reported that Brian has minimal equipment and may have a yellow rain jacket and orange puffy jacket. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brian's family. We are hoping Brian is carrying survival equipment. However, if he has been out there for 10 days now, chances are he does not have proper signaling gear. Hopefully, he has what he needs for shelter, fire, and water which will mean he is alive. 

Endure Survival's goal is to help the 99% of people who venture into the outdoors unprepared realize how important a bit of preparation is. For Brian's case, if he left that Saturday prepared to spend the night out he is likely to be alive right now. We will keep praying for you Brian 

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