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Synthetic Game Bags, Game Bag Hunting and Big Game Bags


Are you prepared for your big game hunt? 

The Endure Ultimate Game bag is a large (48"x36" - including strap loops), synthetic, heavy-duty game bag featuring a super strong boating cord with cord lock, 4 high tenacity polypropylene webbing tie-down strap-loops on the sides, bottom and one on top allowing you to access your meat while the meat is hanging. These straps also extend inside of the synthetic bag so you have a large loop on the inside of the bag for enhanced utility. You can use these inside strap-loops for tieing down your game from the inside in case you need to keep it in place, separated or in case the outside of your bag gets dirty or compromised you can use the inside loops by turning the bag inside out. Endure Ultimate Game bags are reusable and built to endure many big game seasons. Just rinse and throw them in the washer for a fresh game bag hunting for your next hunt.


 "Endure Ultimate Game Bags are worth every penny. They beat out alaskan, caribou, and sportsman’s warehouse bags hands down." - Jeff Milliron, Avid big game hunter

If you scour the internet game bag hunting you will find many options for wild game bags. Most claim to be lightweight yet strong however these big game bags only last a hunting season or two as they are made from lightweight material that tears easily and won't hold a hundred plus pound moose, elk or caribou quarter for a significant amount of time. The Endure Ultimate Game Bag is the strongest big game bag available on the market. 

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Synthetic Game Bags, Game Bag Hunting and Big Game Bags

The Endure Ultimate Game Bag can be used for deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, caribou, bear, sheep and goat. 

These game bags are built to last. This synthetic gamebag also acts as a base for hauling your meat out. Use the utility straps to loop your game to your sled's tow strap, pack horse or frame pack. These straps are extremely heavy duty and can hold heavy weights. The Endure Ultimate game bags have been tested them up to 250 pounds without any compromising of the bag's integrity. 

Synthetic Game Bags, Game Bag Hunting and Big Game Bags

"Me and the guys are always looking for better ways to haul our game out of the rugged Colorado high country.  We constantly struggle with quarters flopping around the sled on steep pitches and off-camber trails.  The tie-down straps on the Endure Ultimate game bags were really a game-changer for us.  Our quarters strapped in nice and snug in the sled, something that we have never been able to do with our old bags.  On top of that, they were breathable, durable and cleaned up nicely in the wash.  I think the only reason hunters wouldn't be using these bags is because they don't know about them yet.  Highly recommended."  - Mike Babcock, Avid big-game hunter 


Use the polypropylene webbing tie-down loops to strap down or anchor your meat to your hunting sled, game cart, frame pack or pack horse. The super strong synthetic material is re-enforced so you can pull the entire weight of the game bag (including the meat inside!) using the tie-down loops. Or use the Endure Ultimate Game bags to dry age your meat with the tie-down strap on top of the bag which can hold heavy loads for long periods of time. Quit messing with game bags that tear easily, break, fail and ultimately put all your hard work and efforts you have invested in your hunt and bagging your kill. 


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The Endure Ulitmate Game Bag was created based on the painful experience we have had over the years wasting money on the throwaway, disposable game bags found in just about every hunting or outdoor retail store. These disposable game bags are wasteful, weak and won't withstand the grueling demands of a true backcountry hunt miles into the backcountry. Some game bags claim to be reusable, washable but for how long? Endure Ultimate Game Bags will last a lifetime. The only feature on the bag that may need to be replaced years down the road is the cord lock. If this happens you can simply replace it or do without it and just use the super-strong boating cord as a tie down by simply tieing the two ends together to secure your meat inside and ensure that no insects, flies or moths get inside of the bag. Endure Ultimate Game Bags are wild game bags made to withstand the harsh conditions you may encounter in the backcountry.

Endure Ultimate Game Bags are made with The synthetic blend material is a super-strong and durable linen that will dry quickly when wet and will act as a moisture wicking agent actually extracting the outer layer of moisture on your big game kill. Creating this layer of protection around your big game kill is an essential step in the dry aging process. 

Each Endure Ultimate Game Bag weights less than 1 pound. For lightweight focussed backcountry hunters its wise to carry one or two with you on your hunt and keep the other 2 or 3 at your camp or in your car. When you bag your animal you will be able to use one bag to execute your first pack out trip while the other bag can be used to hold the remaining meat and can be hung in a tree in the shade. Depending on the season and time of year it's not a good idea to leave your big game kill exposed to the elements so you can use one bag to place all remaining meat inside and leave it in a cool shaded area until you are able to return. You have about 24 hours to ensure your kill cools down to about a 40-degree Fahrenheit temperature. Once you make your kill the clock starts ticking. If its late in the evening, getting dark and you need to get back to camp or your truck its wise to field dress the animal to start fast-tracking the cooling process. Many hunters think its ok to leave their kill and come back in the morning. The strong hide of a big game animal traps all the heat inside. If you don't let it air out you are putting your meat at risk. The meat may spoil if you don't immediately allow it to start cooling down. Leaving your game out at night without starting the field dressing process cuts your cooling window in half. If you leave your game outside without letting it cool down it will most likely still be warm in the morning. For early season hunters, this is a big risk. If it's sunny and 70 the next day you will have a difficult time cooling down the meat within your 24 hour period especially if you are more than a mile or two from your car, camp or truck. 

The Endure Ultimate Game Bag has been tested in the field, improved upon and tested again. The bags have everything you need to keep your meat protected from dirt, debris, and insects accessing your meat through the big game bags. The design is based on over 20 years in the hunting industry in Colorado.

For years we have been forced to use the cumbersome game bags out there on the market.

Our testers who run backcountry horse trips love the versatility these synthetic game bags give them. The utility straps on the sides make it very easy to strap your big game quarters to your horse saddle. Simple take the side utility straps and loop them over your horse's saddle. By placing one quarter on each side you can easily pack out your meat without the hassle of using tie down straps, bungee cords or saddle bags. The bags are big enough to hold an entire side of a de-boned large big game animal such as an elk, large mule deer, moose, bear or caribou. Therefore making it a breeze to pack out an entire de-boned animal with two Endure Ultimate Game Bags. 

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Don't mess with being unprepared this big game season. Even better you may want to consider protecting your hard earned investment with a product that will be sure to protect those years of preference points you saved for your hunt. Why even put those years of waiting, planning and all those long hours spent chasing down your big game kill at risk? The Endure Ultimate Game Bag will ensure you are not putting all of your hard earned efforts at risk. Also, in most states, it is illegal to spoil your big game kill. Don't even let that be an option by making sure you are doing everything you can to protect your prized trophy.  

Be prepared for your next big game hunt with the best synthetic game bags on the market. The Endure Ultimate Game Bags are built to endure a lifetime of wear, tear and wash cycles.