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Survival Gear, Goatskin Gloves & Water Resistant Work Gloves

Essential Survival Gear | Goatskin Gloves - Water Resistant Work Gloves

When choosing survival gear for your survival kit, safety kit or car emergency kit one common item that is overlooked are a good pair of water resistant work gloves. Protective gloves are an essential piece of your survival gear. Your hands are not as tough and durable as you may think. In a true survival situation, your hands will be beaten, bruised, burned, nicked and cut. It's important to protect your body especially the part of your body that is essential to your survival: your hands. 

Goatskin Survival Glove | Best water resistant work glove

What's so special about Goatskin?

Goatskin leather naturally has the highest level of lanolin content. Lanolin is a wax secreted by goats which makes goatskin leather super-soft and pliable, yet very very tough and durable. Goatskin is also a closed cell leather which makes these protective work gloves some of best water resistant work gloves available. 

Essential Survival Gear | Goatskin Gloves

Goatskin is considered to be one of the best leathers for protective gloves because it is both super-tough yet supple. Goatskin leather is great if you want to maximize your pound for pound weight vs durability. Goatskin is very durable however it is usually only available in relatively light cuts. The Endure Goatskin Survival Glove is a custom cut goatskin leather. It is a medium thickness cut which ensures the gloves will last a lifetime and remain soft no matter how many times they are rode hard, put away wet, dried and repeated. As stated earlier, the high lanolin content of goatskin makes it very supple which allows for maximized dexterity so you can perform both delicate survival tasks such as setting up your survival tarp as well as rougher tasks such as cutting wood with survival hand saw or starting a survival fire.

With fully functioning hands that are injury free, survival is difficult. Imagine a survival situation with the limited use of your hands. The chances of your survival greatly decrease with limited hand function. In colder weather, your hands can be susceptible to frostbite among other potential threats. Without the use of your hands, the chance you will survival is impossible. It is wise to invest in taking care of your hands.  

Why are Endure Goatskin Survival Gloves the best bang for your buck?

If you love great deals on equipment that will last a lifetime the Endure Goatskin Survival Gloves are a killer deal. At $24.99 the price point is far below lower than similar goatskin gloves on the market. The Endure Survival mantra is to instill maximum protection and utility within every product. We tested numerous gloves with multiple glove manufacturers and these gloves came in on top of all the competition at a super competitive price point. We were able to customize the glove for delivering maximum value at an affordable price. Some of the many features these gloves have include: 

  • Padded reinforced palms to ensure longevity
  • Double stitching for increased durability
  • Elastic wrist gives ensure gloves stay
  • Keystone thumb design for maximum comfort and improved dexterity
Goatskin Survival Gloves With Reinforced Palms
The keystone thumb design combined with the reinforced palm makes for a super soft and snug feel with a lifetime worth of wear and tear. We have tested these gloves in the deep backcountry on multiple day trips in extreme conditions. These gloves are not insulated nor are they waterproof however these gloves do provide light protection from both cold weather conditions and exposure to precipitation.
They are designed to for maximum water resistance mixed with enhanced durability to truly protect your hands. A good pair of insulated mittens is advised for extreme cold weather conditions.
Endure Survival Goatskin Glove - Best survival glove
The Endure Goatskin Survival glove is a great glove simply to protect your hands from all the nicks, buts, burns and bruises you are likely to encounter when far off the grid in the backcountry. These supple yet durable goatskin work gloves will ensure your hands will stay protected no matter what outdoor activity you are participating in. Camping, hiking, mountaineering, these gloves work for all kinds of activities that require hand protection.