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Survive Black Friday | Outdoor Survival Cyber Monday Sale

Posted by Nick Clement on

Survive Black Friday | Outdoor Survival Cyber Monday Sale

Are you prepared to survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) discounts flood the web. Do you know what else floods the web? Mis-leading survival information. I experienced this over 10 years ago when I scoured the internet and read all sorts of survival books left believing it was a good idea to include primitive tools in my survival kit. I even went as far as gifting all my groomsmen who were in my wedding the same kit filled with primitive and not so effective survival tools and gear. Little did I know I was giving all the most important friends in my life an inferior kit.

I later found out when I produced, directed and edited Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Outdoor Survival film with Peter Kummerfeldt that all the survival gear I was using was basically junk. Thank the lord I never found myself in a predicament during those few years while I was carrying a kit that may not have been up to the challenge of providing warmth, shelter, water, and an effective signal. Later, I came to find out that there was so many other people just like me. Walking deep into the woods with a mylar space blanket and a primitive fire starting kit. This is why I created Endure Survival Kits. So anyone can have easy access to smart survival education and proven gear that you can trust when it counts. 

 This BFCM we want to give you a gift that can add value to your everyday. The Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite is a quality knife to carry with you every day. I have been carrying this knife for about 12 years. The Colorado Division of Wildlife version was when I was first introduced to this knife. The laser printed CDOW logo always impressed me. Later I received another Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite as a gift so I gave the original CDOW knife to my brother. Long story short this knife goes with me everywhere. From performing everyday tasks like opening the mail to being able to field dress an Elk or Deer whether you are driving and see fresh roadkill or on your hunt this knife stays on my all the time.


Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite with Wood Handle | Endure Survival Kits


This BFCM enjoy this incredible knife on us. Our goal is to help you find the best performing survival gear and this knife stands up to the task. When combined with survival kits recommended by top survival experts this knife can not only be a handy everyday tool, it can also be trusted to split wood and perform various survival tasks when it counts. 



  • Starts: Monday, November, 19th, 12:00 AM,
  • Ends: Monday, November, 25th 11:59 PM


  • 20% off sitewide
  • Free Knife for orders over $100 
  • Add Knife to your cart to receive discount (see link below)
  • Use SURVIVEBLACKFRIDAY at checkout

Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite | Survival tools and equipment

Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite

Price: $39.00 BFCM: Free with $100+ purchase


When choosing outdoor survival gear it is often a good idea to do some research. A quick web search will show a wide variety of survival gear. We recommend testing gear in the field or talking to people who have tested gear themselves. It is always an interesting topic as those who have truly been in a survival situation really know what the implications can mean. Without an easy way to start a fire or shelter yourself, you can find yourself easily susceptible to the elements. By testing the gear in a controlled setting you can get a feel for how well that product will withhold in harsh or adverse conditions.

For example, we like to have people hold a mylar blanket around them. We ask them to pretend like it is freezing cold and you need to warm up with this blanket. more often than not they wrap the blanket around and we ask if they think they could start a fire or perform other survival tasks like cut wood. When they let go of the blanket it falls off and gone is all the heat. We then ask them to put on the Endure Instant Shelter which always surprises people how warm and protected you feel in the miro-climate created by trapping all your body heat around you and recirculating and reusing it so you can stay warm and your body temperature can be regulated in harsh conditions and freezing temperatures. 

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